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We welcome you to the pages of accounting company ASC Accounting Ltd. We will be pleased to provide for you allaccounting and tax services. We don’t want nor can compete with big supranational corporations. But, if you are joint stock Company with primarily Czech stock or company with limited liability and you are interested in a good accounting system with the best and the most profitable calculate tax duty, you are on the right pages and you may continue next reading.

The Company ASC Accounting Ltd. was established in Plzeň in 1994 as a French-Czech accounting and consultantfirm. It has operated in Prague since 1996. At this moment there are working 8 professionals’ accountants and 2 taxadvisers. Since July 1st 1999 we started activities in north Czechs branch in Ústí nad Labem and in Moravia’s branch in Brno. At this time we are able to ensure tax and organizing consultancy including all services related with tax advertising by ACT of Czech National Council about tax consultancy services and Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech republic of 20 October 1992. Our partner from France is auditor and accounting expert Dominique Passerat, who has an accounting offices network in Burgundy and Paris.

In cooperation with all our branches, we will provide for you accounting by Czech or International accounting standards. Cooperation with French offices is based on prosperously interconnection knowledge Czech background with long-time international experiences.

In collaboration with company ACCOR, Ltd. established also in 1994, we provide for you all auditor’s services. Further in assistance with company American Appraisal, Ltd., we are able afford for you commercial value of your firm.

Our team is ready to provide for domestic and foreign clients competent and superior accounting and advertising services and it has ambitions to contribute so to consolidate their business situation in the Czech republic and in the world.

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