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Our services

We offer professional services and rich experience in accounting and taxation. We provide flexible solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each client.

With our long term cooperation with company Accor Ltd., we offer to our clients best quality in audit services.

We offer the possibility of communication and collaboration in English, German and Russian languages.

Services overview


Establishing accounting books

  • Drawing up accounting guidelines
  • Drawing up tax and accounting depreciation plan
  • Drawing up chart of accounts
  • Drawing starting account balance
  • Defining procedures for the introduction of operative records

Bookkeeping on monthly basis

  • Checking and preliminary accounting of documents
  • Preparation of documents for computer processing
  • Computer processing of data
  • Preparation of interim documents for correct bookkeeping
  • Preparing monthly final accounts, printing reports: main book, turn-over balance trial, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and other reports as may be agreed
  • Preparing document for VAT and VAT declaration
  • Preparation of tax and statistic declarations as under the Czech law and regulations
  • Consulting (including phone consultations) maximum 4 hours a months
  • Processing wages and human resources documents
  • Keeping earning records
  • Preparation of underlying documents for the calculation of social and health insurance
  • Preparing monthly reports for SSZ and health insurance companies

Drawing ending balance and preparing statements and income tax

  • including accounting records and preparation of underlying documents for the annual inventory of assets, receivable items and liabilities

Payroll acounting

  • Complete payroll processing for small and medium-sized companies possibly including the calculation of the variable components of wages (sales commissions, bonuses, the plan etc.).
  • Check-in and check-out employees for health insurance and social security administration
  • Monthly reports for health insurance companies and the Social Security Administration, including sending to the authorities,payslips or we will send you directly to your employees, employees certificate for the purpose of granting a loan from a bank, etc.
  • Preparation of payment order (payroll, income tax, health. insurance ) annual settlement of income tax from employment (the employees) annual tax bill on personal income and taxes withheld registration certificate, for job orders and payments of wages, wage sheets
  • Preparation of documents for regular checks
  • Conventional representation offices, representing the company checks from the government

The preparation of annual financial statements and the employment agreement

  • Including the reporting and data processing to perform an annual reconciliation count of assets, receivables and payables
  • Management and processing of payables and receivables, reports sent payables and receivables as needed
  • Processing of annual accounts

Keeping records

  • Tangible fixed assets and depreciation
  • Intangible fixed assets and depreciation
  • Financial fixed assets and depreciation
  • Small tangible fixed assets
  • Value added tax
  • Debts and receivable items

Special services

  • Preparation of records versions in different languages and special reports
  • Administration work
  • Specialized accounting works
  • Drawing up corporate directives (other than accounting)
  • Representation offices, representation during inspections from the tax office, social security, health insurance, office work, etc.. and at local investigations
  • Processing internal directives and accounting procedures internách
  • Synergies in administrative activities related to accounting, tax and payroll issues (eg. internal guidelines, employment contracts, etc.)
  • Cost calculations, cost management and management accounting
  • Financial analyzes and analyzes, business plans
  • Processing of economic data for the purpose of funding banks relevant specialists
  • Possibility of taking bookkeeping and throughout the year
  • Online accounting nonstop access to accounting data


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